My book

"LEMON DETOX - Der einfache Start in ein gesundes Leben"

will be available in English soon!

Thank you for your patience -  the German version was my priority due to the  majority of my guests and clients being German speakers.

Currently available as paperback or eBook  in German

ISBN 10: 3734723868

ISBN 13: 978-3734723865

I have never heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine – do I have to expect exotic dishes?


No, not at all. In Traditional Chinese Medicine food is acknowledged as a subtle form of medicine and used according to its effects. Many different food properties such as warming or cooling, retaining, expelling, nourishing, harmonising etc. can be distinguished in our everyday produce.
I have chosen the right foods for you - all organic, mostly local produce - according to their effects and thermal properties. And I have come up with some delicious recipes, nothing of which is too exotic or Chinese.
Have a look for yourself in our recipe section!

Is fasting or juice fasting part of this detox week?


Good news!!
You do not need to go hungry!
Our detox plan consists of 3 healthy plant based meals per day, about 2/3 cooked and 1/3 raw. There is an occasional juice or smoothie here and there, but generally your meals consist of solid food.
This way we avoid cold sensations and ailment, which is often created by too much cooling raw foods. Our diet provides an abundance of vitamins, enzymes, mineral nutrients and trace elements.
You will have a variety of selected wholesome foods throughout the week and all of it is even delicious!!