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Ursula Peer
TCM Detox Coach



Founder & owner Detoxmallorca

       Author "Lemon Detox" & "Der TCM Kalender"

1000+ individual consultations

catered to 600+ retreat guests            

25 years expertise in Chinese Medicine nutrition


My Chinese Medicine journey  started about 25 years ago.
Traditional Chinese Medicine literally saved me from surgery.
One day  - after five weeks in hospital - I sneaked out of the clinic in a quiet moment to see a TCM doctor.
I was desperately looking for a solution that did not ivolve surgery and found it in a TCM doctor´s practice where I experienced a  famous life changing moment.
I was experiencing the amazing wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine first hand.
It had a remarkable effect in just one session....that's all it took:
I left the the hospital at my own risk and started my healing journey with TCM.
Not only did I regain my health in the most natural way in a few weeks, but was also back doing my sport again soon after.


That's when I started learning about the power of the right food at the right time.
I very clearly remember the moment when I realized that having a warm, cooked breakfast was actually not a luxury but a bare necessity (which I did not fancy at all at first..).

I was soo inspired, so over the next years I got a degree as a TCM nutritionist, followed by kinesiology, herbal and other TCM formations.


10 years ago my detox formula started to take shape.
I did not want my retreat guests to simply feel "better" by the end of a retreat, my wish was for everybody to have extraordinary energy and feel AMAZING after 7 days.
That`s when I realized that it needed radical change in order to achieve extraordinary results.
I began to analyze and incorporate modern nutritional science which was compatible with Chinese medicine and started achieving the most amazing results.


Inspiring people to make better choices is my mission.
Supporting my clients to feel vibrant, radiant and grounded is what drives me.
Seeing my clients make changes and actually sustain them in everyday life is what I am most passionate about.

We do not learn to eat well on standard diets or juice fasts.

In order to look and feel amazing we need to nourish our bodies according to our constitution.
At the same time we need to detox.
My clients receive individual support and guidance on their way.
In my work I combine Chinese Medicine with multiple manual therapies and life changing movement classes offered by my wonderful expert partners so you can feel extraordinary energy.


Does that resonate with you?






I look forward to hearing from you - be inspired!

All the best, Ursula Peer



“I just want to express my gratitude to Ursula… I feel so much better, healthy, light and ready for everything. I am having my healthy Ursula breakfast before rushing to our media launch in the tube strike and feel great about it. I had my salt bath last night after a long day and the thing I want to thank Ursula more than anything is for teaching me to start looking after my body again – because without it, I can’t do much.
Love from London town”  

Lynne Franks, London, OBE, Author, Women Empowerment Guru, Sustainable Business Advocate


“The food was out of this world. I often think of my lovely time, which has had such an effect on how I eat, exercise and care about myself”  

Maria Barnett, Publisher Scottish Woman Magazine 

„Thank you SO much …. for giving me back my health!”

L.G., London 


Ursula I would like to express my immense gratitude for all that I learnt from you and for your willingness to share your enormous knowledge. When I think of the people who have had a positive impact on my life, you are at the very top of the hit parade. I completely revised my eating habits. The great thing about it is that I need less time to prepare each meal and am full of inspiration. The food tastes better, is prepared faster, and looks great. And my body thanks me with a nice figure, radiant and soft skin, more energy and better concentration and super good digestion. Each of my cells is happy and smiling, deliciously nourished. What you have given me is priceless and beyond what words can say. Your retreats are an asset to life. May you inspire millions of people with your warmhearted, loving and super-competent Detox kitchen. All the best,

Simona Gilardi, Zürich

“I am home feeling all healed…”

Nyasha Gwatidzo, London, Zimbabwe 

„Thank you so much for a wonderful week …  I am still feeling great, waking up early full of energy so I am delighted.” 

E.B., London 

"Whoever comes here to do a detox goes with the intention of improving ones health and to simply feel better. I noticed how much better I felt after only 3 days into Ursula Peer`s program. 
She is doing an excellent job and has lots of knowledge and expertise; I can fully recommend the whole detox program."

Georg von Stein, Managing director  Von Stein Training & Coaching and Redaktion Stein, Munich



"Me siento muy bien de salud y te quiero agradecer el "eye opening" tratamiento que me has hecho el otoño pasado. Ahora soy mucho más consciente del hecho que "soy lo que como" e disfruto de sentirme bien cuando me levanto de la mesa. Creo que tus enseñanzas me han dado mucho equilibrio, físico y psicológico. Gracias por todo! Por tu apoyo, tu profesionalidad, tu cariño! Un abrazo!"

M.G., Palma de Mallorca 


Ursula Peer, MBA, Austrian
who has a background in business and sports science left the corporate world to focus on the co-relation of nutrition and health after her own personal experience of healing with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diet.

Her acclaimed detox retreats attract clients from all over the world.
She successfully runs detox retreats, workshops and cooking classes in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Mallorca and Formentera teaching how to take on responsibility for one’s health and well-being.

Ursula focuses on creating delicious, healthy and balanced seasonal dishes, always finding the right one for every friend and occasion, that's why her friends call her the alchemist.

Get in touch if you need a healthy break
or if you would like me to support you to take healthier choices

for extraordinary energy to live an extraordinary life.
I am happy to offer a 15 min. free consultation

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