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FOOD THERAPY live a vibrant life

Roasted Artichokes
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Food is medicine - Be inspired!

As someone who has eaten her way out of hospitals and disease 25 years ago and has studied ancient medical food wisdom ever since I have come to understand:

Food can be a slow form of poison or the safest way to health.


The ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the power of organic foods and my personal 20 years + experience will help you create massive change rapidly.

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One:one Food therapy live, via Skype or Zoom

up to 90 minutes live 1:1, just you and me

follow up recommendations and individual recipes
1:1 email support, from me to you

190 €

I listen to you, your needs, discomforts and wishes
We do our live meeting based on a comprehensive questionnaire, incl. tongue analysis and I develop a plan for just you tailored to your needs.



Expect the first exciting changes after 4 - 5 days.
You will get quick and satisfying results ignoring certain foods.
This will help eliminate excess weight, inflammation and discomforts quickly.

Get your energy back!

Feel and look radiant!

Sleep like a baby!

You reach a new level after a week- depending on your wishes you can keep on track and create lasting change.

YES! I wish for radiant energy!

Is any of the following true for you?

Do you feel tired, drained and exhausted while you would like to thrive and shine?
Do some foods not agree with you even if they are said to be “healthy”?
Would you like to feel good and thriving after every meal ?
Do you wish for the energy you once had to come back without needing that coffee to get you going?
And get rid of your allergies?
And boost your immune system?
And sleep better while you get radiant, glowing skin, bright eyes and be happy?



I healed on whole foods, so did many clients....and SO CAN YOU!

And I promise it to be easier and more delicious than what you might think.

It is my privilege to be of guidance.
I look forward to connecting!

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