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Coaching for radiant energy

Food truly is medicine - Be inspired!

As someone who has eaten her way out of hospitals and disease 30 years ago and has studied ancient medical food wisdom ever since I have come to understand the famous quote:

Food can be a slow form of poison or the safest way to health.



  • The age old wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • the power of organic foods and

  • my personal 30 years + detox experience

will help you create massive change rapidly.




One:one Session live or via Zoom

up to 90 minutes live 1:1 individual consultation

Incl. individual recommendations and follow up recipes

197 €


I listen to you, your needs, discomforts and wishes in our live 1:1 meeting.
Based on a comprehensive written questionnaire, which you fill out in advance, our conversation and a tongue analysis I develop your path to reach your goals - a plan that is tailored to your constitution, preferences and needs.



Expect satisfying results quickly.
My clients usually feel the first exciting changes after 4 - 5 days.
When you go all in your body starts eliminating excess weight, inflammation and discomforts.

You usually reach a new level of energy and wellbeing after a week.
If you keep going you can create lasting change.

YES! I wish for radiant energy!

Is any of the following true for you?


  • Do you feel tired & drained while you would like to thrive & shine?

  • Fancy the energy without the coffee?

  • Would you like to improve your sleep?
  • Are you looking for glowing skin & sparkly eyes?

  • Would you like to feel satisfied after a meal without all the heaviness?

  • Do some foods not agree with you even if they are said to be healthy?




I learned to use food as medicine.
This allowed me to heal on an organic, wholesome diet  & a longevity lifestyle.
So did many of my clients....and SO CAN YOU!

And it will most likely be more delicious than you think.
It will be my privilege to be of guidance!

to radiant energy.

Get in contact with me today
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