Treat yourself to Vibrant Food & a Vibrant Life

Let me guide and inspire you!
Food is medicine and eating well is fun and rewarding....and hardly as complicated as it sometimes appears these days.

The power of organic foods, the ancient knowledge of holistic medical systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine and my personal 20 years + experience will help you create massive change rapidly.


Generally you get the quickest result eliminating from your plate what does not nurture you.
And ignoring certain foods will help eliminate excess weight, inflammation and discomforts quickly - its just a matter of choosing vibrant foods instead which are actually beneficial FOR YOU and your condition.

Let’s bring your energy back!






Based on my background, the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine I essentially recommend to switch to a wheatfree, yeastfree, refined sugar free, wholefoods plant based detox diet first thing.

It immediately alleviates, reduces inflammation and harmonizes the metabolism and helps you reach and keep the weight and body feel you are comfortable with.

The best food and preparation choice very much depends on your constitution and the climate you live in - which we will look at closely and then decide.


Food that's right for you will make you feel nourished, balance your temperature and even improve your sleep.

It could mean to cook breakfast, juice, heat veggies just a little, you can even have some smoothies, drink specific herbal teas, lemon or ginger water, use or avoid certain superfoods - your body has the answer.



Is any of the following true for you? Let me help you get back on track!

Do you feel tired, drained and exhausted while you would like to thrive and shine?
Do some foods not agree with you even if they are said to be “healthy”?
Would you like to feel good and thriving after every meal ?
Do you wish for the energy you once had to come back without needing that coffee to get you going?
And get rid of your allergies?
And boost your immune system?
And sleep better while you get radiant, glowing skin, bright eyes and be happy?

I healed on whole foods....and SO CAN YOU!

And it will actually be easier and more delicious than what you might think.














Choose one of my Food Therapy offers and I will help you to get going.
Together we will find the best and most appropriate foods and preparations for your constitution and situation.

You will quickly feel energized, lighter and join the happy, healthy tribe of people who love and indulge natures bliss!

And by the end - let me confess :-) - this lifestyle gets addictive, you might just go on and on and on....because its not a diet.




Choose your favorite Food therapy now.

It is my joy and privilege to be of guidance
and I look forward to connecting!

Refined sugar free


Whole Foods
Plant based

Happy food
for every day

It´s not a diet

it´s a lifestyle!

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